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Productivity Tools


Greatly Improve Your Productivity with Insight Trader

How can the Productivity of my Market Analysis be Increased

Insight Trader has been designed to allow you to process very large amounts of information, both technical and fundamental, in a very short time. This means that you can rapidly screen even the whole of the ASX as a first pass in order to allow you to limit more serious attention to those opportunities that really hold promise. This considerably increases the scope of the market possibilities available to you and at the same time significantly decreases the time and effort required to analyse them.

With a little practice you should even be able to develop the ability to visually scan over 1000 charts in about 1 hour, tagging those of particular interest to create a short list for closer examination. To make the process even faster you can actually limit your scan to particular sectors of the market eg all the Banks or all the Gold stocks or to those securities satisfying certain technical and fundamental criteria. Creating a list of all companies in any single ASX subsector or group of sectors typically takes less than 30 seconds.

Automating consideration of the fundamental information of dividends, earnings and net asset backing into your analysis will provide a powerful, more holistic dimension to supplement your technical criteria.

By casting your net wider and trawling more efficiently you can actually increase your hit rate while greatly reducing the time you currently spend analysing the markets leaving you more time free to pursue other aspects of your life.

All this is possible because of three productivity tools unique to Insight Trader.

What are these Unique Features Insight Trader has

  • An internal database allowing you to create and manipulate lists of securities according to their official ASX GICS subsectors.
  • A Systems Tester providing the facility to search for, and order, stocks according to the very important and often overlooked. fundamental criteria including Dividend Yield, Price Earnings Ratio, Price to Net Asset Backing, Franking, Market Capitalisation, Debt to Equity etc as well as the more familiar technical criteria.
  • A facility to allow you, at the click of a mouse, to throw up simultaneously on to screen up to 500 charts from a list that you have generated automatically from ASX subsectors, or from a Systems filter run, or manually from your Watch List or Tag List.

Insight Trader is the only package available that provides all these facilities.

What Level of Performance can I Expect

To give you some idea of how quickly you can achieve your objectives using these productivity tools we have provided below some typical simple examples for Insight Trader running on a standard modern computer. The following requests were to intended to be performed as quickly as possible starting completely from scratch:

  1. Show me a bar chart of the last 100 days for every company on the ASX.
    Result: Create list (30 secs) + display 1200 charts (28.5 mins) = total 29 mins
  2. Show me a 100 day Point and Figure chart of every gold company on the ASX.
    Result: Create list (30 secs) + display 200 charts (6.5 mins) = total 7 mins
  3. Show me a bar chart of the last 100 days of every bank on the ASX.
    Result: Create list (30 secs) + display 22 charts (2 mins) = total 2.5 mins
  4. Show me, in order of decreasing dividend yield, a 100 day bar chart of every "value" stock on the ASX ie where the Dividend Yield is greater than 5% and the Price to Net Asset Backing is less than 2 and the Price Earnings Ratio is less than 10.
    Result: Create system (1 min 27 secs) + run system and order list (3 mins) + display 27 charts (40 secs) = total 5 mins
  5. Show me, in order of decreasing PER, a 100 day bar chart of every stock on the ASX where the daily high for the last twelve months has occurred in the last ten days.
    Result: Create system (1 min) + run system (2.25 mins) + order list (30 secs) + display 192 charts (4 mins) = total 8 mins
  6. Run profitability tests using 20 different buy-sell systems on each of the top 500 stocks on the ASX.
    Result: Run tests (12 minutes) = total 12 minutes
However, we have found that in practice, in order to allow a a more comfortable assessment of say a simple bar chart, a separation of 3 seconds is preferable. This would then allow you to visually scan a chart of every company on the ASX in a little over one hour creating a short list of those that warrant closer examination. This separation is user selectable and can be set at longer times initially to be gradually reduced as you quickly become more experienced.

Can I Print a List of these Selected Stocks?

In addition to automatically presenting you with a sequence of charts to view, Insight Trader can also print a list of these selected securities for your perusal. They are tabulated giving ASX code, company name, main activity, ten day momentum, % above the 10 day moving average of the price and volume plus all available fundamental ratios,
Remember all this is possible only with Insight Trader.